A Spiritual Journey

A Letter Of Self Introduction:

I'm of of a European ancestry, my wife of Aboriginal decent and a Metis son. The three of us remain proud of our identity. None of us feel that we are dealt with a lower or higher card. You may well  say that we are color blind.

I often wonder if the world  thought in this manner, would their be any need for many wars, or uprisings of racist groups to so called 'ethnic cleansing'?  I  just  surmised that my meanderings are meant to be conveyed at this time frame. 

Thanks for your consideration; Arnost.

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 Greetings to all beloved of God:

In opening may I confer on spiritual matters? 

 I'm  not  ashamed of the gospel nor easily intimidated

by those opposed to my poetic mission.

On the contrary I'm enthused to convey 

a spiritual journey and am taking the liberty to share 'the good news'  with all. This web site contains hints of  an  enlightenment  that saved me. While spiritual poetry remains my main mode of expression. be not befuddled that my poems (displayed) are not; confined  to any mode or theme. May I clearly state that in these proceedings their is something in it for everyone. And yes, this site contains 

literature that may commence you on your spiritual journey. 

May I boldly proclaim that "Jesus is Lord." 

Blessings to you and your household ! - Arnost.-