Sample Poems - PAGE #1

The Open Door

 Empty words won't move inside
The way love does.
To learn this disparity
Is to throw oneself open.

Then the true account begins...

Love took as an opened 

That was set upon a table - enabled
To be articulated and conceived.
As hints of imprints
Seemed attached to your 

inner being.

Once sinking, we are recalled to surface.
In confessing, "I don't know why?"
There awaits a defining reply.

 In stepping toward Love's Door.

We are finally found inside...


N Once uplifted from the ground,
I found vantage views profound.

From the fragrance of crackling fire,
Briefly watched, burning embers glow.

Captured sight of stars and moon ignite.
Eyes dimmed by fatigue.
Morning star gently whispering the hint
Of a promised seed.

Moved by majestic mountain peaks.
Pinnacles pointing skyward as a steeple.
Winding roads carved of rock, by clever people.
Too steep to glimpse upon the abyss below.
(Solely disclosed as so frightfully deep!)

Floundered in a trance, at the appearance
Of the sea.
Uncomprehending a vastness - not for mortals
To perceive.
And marveled in disbelief - There's no God, here?

Unearthed a great rock, on the coast.
Springs of water rushed - gushed out as a ghost.
Peered under a little boulder,
And witnessed the lowly sea-worm
Sheltered by the king crab
As tides subside.

Engulfed by the mouth of a mighty river.
Its ominous under-currents will make one shiver.
In close - a flood of one's heart - next
To its tributary, withheld from one's memory.

Took in the city's skyline.
And marveled at man's ability
To create or destroy - if so inclined,
Reflecting an aura of greater design.

Later messed and in regress
I stumbled into church,
And glanced upon Jesus' face.
In Him alone - found amazing grace!

My quest confirmed - a prevailing belief.
God was present in all sights... I've searched! 

Crossing That River Jordon


We reach The High and lofty One
Through Christ Jesus alone - 'God's own Son.'
Viewed that 'Tree' on bended knee

Secured our ticket for eternity!

Yes Jesus, we yearn to 'follow You.'
'Till our walk in faith is found true.
As we cross the Jordan river - yonder

To  a  remerging  'tree  of  life'

 (I ponder?)

Our heritage awaits us - upon a tranquil shore
As a 'cloud of witnesses' cheers us on - at 'the door.'

 When When that angelic 'trumpet' blasts
He's returned for 'His Bride' - at last!

'No more tears', tares or snares

As all regathered - banquet prepared.
At last; loved one's - embraced !

With shadows of grief - forfeits all trace.

In 'one accord', with joyous praise
With upright hands - we will raise.
We sought, "this Jesus" - as the Bible portrays

As our Savior and Lord! - There's no 

other "Way."

The Regathering

Smooth slabs - staged as ageless granite
Hover above trembling tree lines.

Stands firm regardless of exposure.
Exploits over - head, undaunted...

Scathed, fragmented spoils - regrouped to mourn.
Where fractured stones adjourn,
Voiceless as epochal forces moan.

Deemed hardened soldiers of valiant campaign
Commended by an stately foreclosure.

Who's to utter - regressed in vain thought
When raging elements may rest as aught?
Summoned in season, at that triumphant regathering..

Of the well renowned "ROCK"!


Blind man grapples in the chill of darkness
To the Truth proceeding becomes his prey.

Searching… glimmer of Light emerges
Hands attached to an opened Book.

Resonating inscribed glory!
Flood light emerges - 'The Son' portrayed              
Well conceived from Divine Seed.

God's radiance conveyed from a Son of Adam!
Arrayed with Majesty - latter known as "I Am He."

As a gathering of coal that glows to gratify
Truth annuls evils' icy glare when testified.

For now creation groans for an enlightened spring  
         To be vaulted unto those eternal arms of "The King.'


 Alarmed to awaken
To a bed half taken
Shirked to be prompt at work
Wife and kids to support!

Drags comb onto once cropped dome
Endeavors not to scrape his face off
Barely takes heed of others presence
Is shackled to duties - in essence.

Once revived - slams car door
Groans to duty of his daily dirge
Of eat, work and off to sleep
And never mind liddle bo peep!

Now compelled to the essence of his job
Big picture awaits coffee fixture
Onto one duty of display
But "The man" has nothing to say.

Out to lunch he hears his peers drone
Of what "REALLY!" happened at home
Dreams of an idle retirement
Above all times and dimes ill spent.

Truly ticked off - punches out the clock
Spells the end - dinnerware around the bend!
Family pays homage with a customed nod
Questions - whose that stranger so odd?

Worn with fatigue
Remotely channels T.V.
And views the frightly, nightly news
To witness wars, famine and feuds.

Dozes off in his daily dread
Of another day - back to bed
Eat, slave and sleep
And never mind liddle bo peep!

As he mutters good night to family
And awaits another day of drudgery
Questions - what`s his life's calling?
Surely the sky is truly falling!

One weekend - lost and found in church
In riddles exposed his life quite clear
Gave ear to the preacher that sounded profound
And was confronted by his aimless fears.

Next morn' in the awakening dawn
Spelled the melody 'of "a new song."
And purposed to incite others to sing along.
Taken up to peak - new heights of delight!

No longer in bondage of slave, sleep and eat
As their was a new bounce to his feet.
Freely gified with with a new song to sing
          'Cause he was now working for 'The King Of Kings!


 A virtuous woman - although her critics dismayed,
In "Proverbs," her paths are properly displayed.

An enduring life mate that will not be swayed.

Above all, the love that flows freely,
Will endure - as that fabric of eternity.

Does not disdain to mundane chores surfacing
Aware of that final tally - awaiting.

The deepest waters - surges,
Where no one may foretell.

Perhaps the purest springs flow from your own well?




On that wedded account, we are made aware
Of a couple betrothed, in a ditch of despair.
“The wine has run out,” in unison deplored
Inferring, the wine of their love - needs to restore.

In belief Mary echoed, “do as he asks.”
This Jesus is able to fulfil His task!

Though supposed it wasn’t His appointed time.
He altered the water into wine
And served us in ample time.

When courtly love eludes those about
Faith replaces humanities drought.

They conveyed, “He saved the best for last!”
And acquired a legacy never surpassed

When love’s wine has settled into an empty vessel
Be assured - this matter has been procured.

In arousing water without mime.
'Love' attested in being our wine. 


Jehovah - the Great Amen
Adonai - ever is - ever shall be
El Shaddai - where have you been!

Our Father will not be confined
To the passages of time.

Our Loving Father awaits us - as is known.
To shower Him with petitions - at His mission.
Is apt to respond justly, with Jesus at His throne.

"GOD IS LOVE" - Willfully showers blessings
From celestial heights - abides above.

The Lord releases our earthly parents
From their mortal failings.
In the 'Spirit of adoption' calls us His own.

We cry out Abba, (Daddy) Father
Abba, Father!"

His 'Spirit' abides in the air,
On the earth, and mostly everywhere.

Not to be outdone
Abba ' gifted mankind
With 'His Only Son'.
An open door to eternity -
(To those who do believe.)

In harmonic flow with rejoicing hearts - we shall be known
To worship eternally - in melody singing:
Abba Father, Abba Father, Abba Father!

Hallelujah!!! Do you hear the echoes of those in glory before..?