Sample Poems - Page 2

Walking On Water

In step - out of our boats' comfort zone   

We are called upon to entrust in'Him' alone.

Peter misread that water meter? - inferred.  And strayed his eyes upon the sea - that stirred.

Compelled to focus on 

that tempest - now sinking.So endearingly clinging to 'The King' - ever reaching.

Shall we fathom not to stray our eyes - from 'THE MASTER.'
In so doing - may be swayed from impending disaster?

Beloved - fix not your eyes on that wavering sea!
Rather to the 'ONE' - who created all things to be.

In our uncharted waters - be not alarmed!
"THIS JESUS" will land us - in 'His' everlasting arms.

Haiku - That Empty Tomb


Grave situation

An enemy's remedy

Devil's will-indeed.

 'Lion Of Judah'

Risen to new morning's light

Death's grim grasp defied.

A Cause To Reflect?


Ice, water, vapor

Cause and effect?

Wood, smoke, ashes

Spark and affect.

Seed, sower, reaper

Toss and neglect?

House, storm, derelict

Raised to forget?

Bride, Groom and eternity

No need to reject!

Sin, tree, remedy.

Elect to introspect

Father, Spirit, Son

Subject and reflect !

This Bridge Is Crossable

  We reach The High and lofty One
Through Christ Jesus alone - 'God's own Son.'
Viewed that 'Tree' on bended knee
Secured our ticket for eternity!

Yes Jesus, we yearn to 'follow You.'
'Till our walk in faith is found true.
As we cross the Jordan river - yonder 
To a reemerging tree of life (I ponder?)

Our heritage awaits us - upon a tranquil shore 
As a 'cloud of witnesses' cheers us on - at 'the door.'
When that angelic 'trumpet' blasts
He's returned for 'His Bride' - at last!

'No more tears', tares or snares
As all regathered - banquet prepared.
At last; loved one's - embraced !
With shadows of grief - forfeits all trace.

In 'one accord', with joyous praise
With upright hands - we will raise.
We sought, "this Jesus" - as the Bible portrays

As our Savior and Lord! - there's no other ''Way.''.  

A Christmas Poem

Born in a manger
Babe wrapped in swaddling cloths.
God's entity- displayed with frailty.

We acknowledge this virgin's birth
In honoring our awaited 'King.'

As a joyous melody
That cannot be hushed...

Our gift - Love  Divine

To be wrapped around the world.

Man On Mission

 Man unbending, 

  As measures span,
With heads held high
Inviting eyes to upscale

Yet never reaching the summit
Of the tar-pitched sky.

The firmament scrolled
Revealing pin-points of light.

 Resplendent like sparks inthe night
That kindle insight.
Piercing the darkness
Is their destiny in the void.

 Man on a mission
Round and around
Without being found.
Blast off emissions

Pressing past the heart 

                                 Of gravity                                 
             Seed searching for man's destiny?             
Harrowing groundless history
That blazes our lonely quest

As man's mission remains - undone.