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While viewing my favorite preachers on television I attributed six deadly follies that leads to the 'wide road' ending in death to body and soul. 

Consider... The good person syndrome: It is a common belief throughout the ages that we may somehow earn merit for heaven depending on our 'good works.' Some may say "I'm a moral person,' observe all the good I've done!" This negates the reason and power of Cross.' Contrary to this fallacy, the Bible clearly states "For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God." Thus we are all in need of a Savior. 

The blasphemy of the 'Holy Spirit:' This doctrine may be debatable but most Bible scholars agree that this sin may not entail in uttering filthy jargon against the Holy Spirit, but rather in a lifetime of rejecting 'The Spirit Of Grace' call to Jesus. Thus negating the ultimate sacrifice of The Cross of Jesus. Either way I wouldn't stake my eternal destiny on this. In afterthought, this is the only sin that is 'unpardonable in this lifetime or eternity.' 

Forgiveness: Although determining who is your brother and sister is debatable. Forgiveness is a requirement of all 'believers.' The Bible states (paraphrased) that God sent 'His only Son' to the Cross for reconciliation of mankind. If so who are we to hold on to unforgiveness of 'our brothers and sisters? 

Persecuting the Christian church: What will our alibi be on judgement day? Will it be: " I've harassed and murdered Jews and Christians because it defied my beliefs and religion"? Or better yet," But God we were merely trying to do you a 'favor!" Make no mistake, as in Saul's day, (later Paul) - Jesus stated when he persecuted the The Christian church it was Him (Jesus) he was persecuting. Much more can be stated on this topic... But as the Christian churches history may portray; when one Christian is martyred ten more may rise up and fulfill the true Christian faith. 

Waging war against Israel: God made an everlasting covenant with Israel, (whom are we to question?) Are the atrocities of the holocaust historically unforgotten? Those of whom are responsible are catering to Satan. Why? Simply Satan hates whom that God loves. Israel throughout history are fighting for their very existence. But in studying the Old Testament we learn it is unwise to fight the Jewish people. God will eventually come to Israels' rescue! 

Waging war against God - The ultimate Folly: Forgive me if I find this topic humorous. The Bible, (in prophetic utterance) states that when the Lord returns, mankind will amass their remaining armies and wage war against 'The Lord God Almighty'. What foolishness! Thinking that the weapons of mankind can defeat God. And I think we all know who the victor will be! Don't we? 

I surmise that I'm abbreviating mankind's folly. As history (progresses?) mankind will find a way to invent more sins and atrocities as never before. To which I respond; "Come quickly Lord Jesus!" 



 A few days ago on the  road to 'spiritual  enlightenment' was found plodding home in the cold. Commuting home on foot to my lovely wife and son, dear to me - I faced grace.

A woman approached that wore such a broadened smile that could be seen from afar. As we narrowed the distance (to my shame) the thought of being 'propositioned' entered my mind.

As we converged I noticed the predominant smile adorned her with a glowing countenance. And yet with paradox a natural appearance that could be termed undesirable by most men.

As fate recalls - our paths crossed, and to my relief no word was uttered. Stunned and perplexed with the grace that guided her, all I could discretely utter was "Good for you!" Reflecting, I surmised that this "undesirable" was unquestionably beaten down repetitively by a 'stick.' But by God's grace rose on her feet again and again before she attained her spiritual 'stance.'

As I meditated on this event, departing from my former life's "conditioning;" the concept of the departing from the "norm" can dictate cruel consequences. As was maintained as part of my values from my youth on that if you were obese, dumb, ugly, an alien to your country, impoverished, or perhaps mentally ill? - one may never be pardoned by the stigma as labelled.

This list has no limits or borders. Ultimately it implies, if you stray from the "norm" one should play the role that your countenance dictates.

Do you believe many under achievers in life are playing the part they are compelled to comply?

To those who have "malfunctioned" to society's norm:
Transgressing society's norm does not demean us in God’s sight.
As one remarkable author is quoted: "Fellow Christian; when you face the world look it squarely in the eye."

This is a healing balm for your soul. In saying this beloved, I want you to embrace, God loves you just as you are. Please do not allow protocol to crush your faith, aspirations or dignity. Grace and peace be with you all - "the kind that the world can't give and the world cannot take away."

(Is 53:2) -He has no form or comeliness; And when we see Him, There is no beauty that we should desire Him. He is despised and rejected by men, A Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. And we hid, as it were, our faces from Him; He was despised, and we did not esteem Him. - N.K.J.V.